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We relate the plate to a Cartesian reference system (Figure 1a) so that the center of mass C to be situated on the Ox axis, C([zi], 0,0), and the Oz axis to be rotation axis.
At this point, the center of mass moved to its lowest level of 10 [+ or -] 0.
35)--was to let one of the Surveyor missions roll onto the lunar surface a retroreflector mounted in a spherical container with its center of mass positioned such that the cube corner would come to rest facing up, thus providing the possibility of point-to-point, earth-to-moon (i.
1 On the approach, Hawk bends his knees and lowers his center of mass (balancing point).
Figure 4 presents the simple scattergram for the relationship between the center of mass kinematics and the musical cadence imposed.
When spinning quickly enough, however, the top is more stable if its center of mass is higher than the sphere's geometric center.
Yeomans of the JPL calculate that the comet wiII approach within 38,000 kilometers of Jupiter's center of mass -well within the 75,000-kilometer radius of this gaseous planet.
Such easily observed systems allow astronomers to plot orbits, measure how long it takes the companions to circle their center of mass, and calculate how much heavier one star is than the other.
The two stars orbit their center of mass every 16 hours.
If a star has companions--of any size--the star and companions will orbit their common center of mass.

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