center of operations

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The large center of operations against the organization is advocating through the delivery of intelligence and support to Iraqi forces.
Contract notice: service of maintenance of the licenses of the systems of general electric installed in the center of operations of maintenance and monitoring of facilities and telecommunications (commit)
Fort Lauderdale is a major center of operations for JetBlue's international flights to and from the Caribbean and Latin America, two regions which now account for one-third of the airline's network.
Besides sparking anxiety throughout the Western world, those attacks provoked France into intensifying its airstrikes in Syria, where the Islamic State group has its main center of operations. The militant group formerly known as either ISIL or ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in France.
Israel said the mosque had served as a center of operations for Hamas as a meeting place for its operatives.
Paul Giangrossi, her husband, shot the footage of her from an RV that served as their center of operations.
The Port of Mariel will be the center of operations, and is hopping these days as preparations move into high gear.
11, Gronich and Yaffa successfully turned the condemnation into a 266,327-SF long-term lease for the entire USCS Enforcement Division regional center of operations, ultimately requiring the simultaneous agreement of 10 disparate parties, including the Department of Justice and the U.S.
She felt the health care center needed to be at the very center of the campus and, therefore, the center of operations. She knew that availability of health care services is a key factor for people in deciding to move to a retirement community.
A statement to the popular mobilization forces in Iraq said that "Amiri arrived yesterday evening to the center of operations in (Fallujah, Saqlawiyah), on top of eight brigades of the Badr Forces for the Liberation of Fallujah and Saqlawiyah from the control of Daash after the completion of the preparations of cordoned off these areas and isolated them from the surrounding areas."
Appalachian Biofuels has the advantage of locating its headquarters and center of operations in a formerly vacant facility that can be retrofitted to meet its needs, allowing for quick start-up to production.
Hamnavoe is the old Scottish name for Orkney, and what Sinclair constructed in London was a center of operations for a putative guerrilla movement fighting for independence and self-determination.
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