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The building was delivered vacant, but will be occupied by incoming tenant Passive Housing Center upon completion of building maintenance.
Stories center upon a boy who can exchange his spirit with that of a half-coyote dog, a teacher who reveals the true meaning of friendship, and the nexus between humans and the natural world.
The event is organized by Urban Initiatives in cooperation with Youth Cultural Center upon the initiative of the mayor's office in Bishkek and financial support of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.
A graduate of the David Hale Fanning nursing program, Susan worked for over 25 years at Hahnemann Hospital and volunteered at the Fairlawn Rehabilitation Center upon her retirement.
We'll embrace the Latin American culture and develop truly urban landmarks that center upon the arts, history and beauty of the area.
BTA transformation efforts center upon six strategic business enterprise priorities that, in the simplest of terms, encompass people, assets, investments, and suppliers.
Broader works center upon significant transitions in American life, but emphasize varying sides of those transitions.
Indeed, Helbling's most insightful literary analyses are those that center upon Home to Harlem (1928) and Banana Bottom (1932), in which he sees Ray's and Jake's relationship to "place" (Harlem, Haiti), or Bita's relationship to the "folk," as raising questions that haunt the Renaissance itself.
No matter where someone lives in this valley, community values consistently center upon quality schools, excellent public safety, preservation of oak trees, hillsides and ridgelines, and preserving the natural Santa Clara River.
The remaining chapters center upon particular figures who adopt specific hermeneutic strategies for reading the book of nature during the Scientific Revolution.
The Price REIT has an option to acquire a second phase of the center upon its completion later this year.
The fifth chapter on Scripture and scriptures is a bridge toward the core four chapters of the book which center upon the search for a new Christology in our global, interreligious, and plural world.

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