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The two elements closer to the center of the region containing the bracelet elements should correspond with the two centermost markers on the bracelet and they should be the elements closest to the camera (as in Figure 9).
For a fast-moving object that is at the outer end of the radar's range, the centermost ports can output the maximum power necessary to track the object.
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Change is typically initiated by elites who are outside the centermost positions of prestige.
It has been called "perhaps the most complex entity known to science." (321) Nobel laureate Roger Sperry has commented that "the centermost processes of the brain with which consciousness is presumably associated are simply not understood.
The centermost plants burst through clouds into the rainbow, thus marking the stage itself as the climax of farming.
Despite the fact that justification has not achieved high doctrinal formulation across the church and that even Lutherans will neglect it as a constructive doctrinal principle, it remains what many have called "the doctrine by which the church stands or falls." Justification is the heart of the gospel, the hermeneutical key to the scriptures, the essential witness of the Confessions, and the centermost principle of church authority.