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A loud uproar broke forth when it alighted, just without the center and grazing the shaft sent by Rob.
We were placed in the center of the amphitheater--the thousand creatures forming a great ring about us.
By this time other apes had entered the clearing and they were now the center of a considerable group, among which were several bulls, some young shes, and some older ones with their little balus clinging to their backs or frolicking around at their feet.
In the center of this natural amphitheater, was a little flat-topped mound of hard earth.
But dwindling resources and other factors have converged to force the closure of 10 child-parent centers in the past two years.
Sept 25-29, San Francisco Ballet, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Segerstrom Hall, 605 Town Center Dr, 714/556-ARTS, 714/556-8984, www.
A new requirement for the core centers program is that an Integrative Medicine Facility Core is required (see below).
Writers, even native speakers, also sometimes request word-for-word editing that writing centers will not provide.
Still, in order to ensure steady alumni giving, a school must understand that alumni centers by and of themselves are not moneymakers.
Iowa: Belmond Health Care Center (Belmond); Kingsley Nursing and Rehab Center (Kingsley); Emmetsburg Care Center (Emmetsburg); Ruthven Community Care Center (Ruthven)
And as other regions are ailing with trauma center closures, the San Fernando Valley still fares well with two trauma centers - at Northridge Hospital Medical Center and Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.

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