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As medidas de viscosidade foram realizadas em viscosimetro Brookfield, modelo DV-II+PRO, utilizando spindle LV4 e expressas em Centipoise (cP).
Thus, the digital output of the acoustic wave sensor can be automatically displayed in centipoise units if the user knows the specific gravity (density) of fluid.
Larger size, low-speed portable mixers can handle fluids to 2,500 or even 5,000 centipoise.
2] RPM cps cps cps cps 20 14 [+ o -] 2,0 224 [+ o -] 1,5 15,0 15,0 50 19 [+ o -] 1,0 31 [+ o -] 1,0 20,5 20,0 100 28 [+ o -] 0,5 40 [+ o -] 2,0 32,0 30,0 cps: centipoise.
Units of flour viscosity in centipoise indicate slope of regression line between the average CC (-1) allele and average NY18 (1) allele.
Designed for processing ultra-high viscosity applications up to 6 million centipoise or higher, the Ross Double Planetary Mixer with Discharge System is a low-maintenance, cost effective alternative to a double-arm kneader.
Rapid turnover and vigorous flow patterns are said to be achieved throughout a wide range of viscosity, from water-like to around 50,000 centipoise.
The composition has a structured domain volume ratio of at least about 45% and a viscosity of about 10,000 centipoise or greater.
Used in conjunction with a discharge system, the PowerMix is capable of high-throughput production of viscous dispersions up to around 2 million centipoise.
The sensor simultaneously measures fluid viscosity from 1 to 500 centipoise and temperatures up to 125[degrees]C, and requires no field calibration.
According to Levtech chairman Jeff Craig, the mixer is effective at viscosities up to 800 centipoise, roughly equivalent to cold maple syrup.