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Moreover, PSO has made number of suggestions to power companies, who are falling short of their payments, which includes consumption of 380 centistokes furnace oil instead of using 180 centistokes furnace oil.
The preferred viscosity of the silicone fluid (PDMS) is around 350 centistokes for solvent-based coatings.
The pumps can transfer viscous media at full flowrate up to 150 centistokes.
It has a reciprocating compressor which uses a polyol ester (POE) 32 centistokes lubricant.
The company offers fuel oils of 180 and 380 centistokes, along with Marine Gas Oil which is environment friendly, reduces fuel consumption and increases the operational reliability of vessels.
65-60,000 centistokes (cSt) at 25[degrees]C and a polydiorganosiloxane fluid mixture having a viscosity of 500-2000 cSt at 25[degrees]C with a silicone resin; 0.
5 centistokes, continuous pressure rating is 3,000 psi.
3-46 centistokes (astm d445) viscosity index 133 (astm d2270); pour point -10f (astm d97; passes astm d665b rust test.