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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Leila Centner, founder and CEO of Centner Academy, added, "The Teachers Village projects dovetail perfectly with our mission to promote education, as when our teachers have an affordable, safe and beautiful place to live, it will ultimately enhance the learning environment for our children."
Talas region is leading in potato harvest among regions with 176.6 centners per hectare from each of 12,800 hectares harvested.
"The City of Cincinnati is an important part of Kao's overall growth strategy." said Centner. "We are excited to be here, to compete here, to grow here and to succeed in Ohio and the city of Cincinnati."
The highest yield was recorded in regions such as Barda (43.1 centners per hectare), Saatli (41.4 centners per hectare), Sabirabad (39.8 centners per hectare), Tartar (38.8 centners per hectare), Aghdam (38.4 centners per hectare), Salyan (38 centners per hectare), Imishli (37.2 centners per hectare), Aghjabadi (36.1 centners per hectare), Jalilabad (35 centners per hectare) and Ismayilli (34.8 centners per hectare).
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the yield of vegetables per hectare amounts to 244.2 centners, or 13.2 centners more than last year.
Thanks to improved cultivation of beans, their yield reached 16.4 centners per ha in 2012, and 16.9 centners per ha in 2013.
The average yield was 31 centners per 1 hectare against 26