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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

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Centner, Clarifying NPDES Requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 14 PENN ST.
With these new contracts and relationships, HTA has increased its position as the largest third-party provider of electronic toll collection services to the car-rental industry," said Centner.
At the end of your trip," Centner continued, "you will send the TravelPass tag back to HTA in an HTA-provided, postage-paid return envelope, and your credit or debit card will be charged $1.
Karen Centner has spent the last 15 years of her merchant career with Lands' End.
E-Merchant is an invaluable tool that can enable "sticky" packaging, thus minimizing price competition and churn, while opening new market segments for growth," Centner said.
Centner added, "Many of the advancements in our Propulsion(sm) technology are inspired by our client base.
MaterialNet was founded by serial 'Netrepreneur David Centner (K2 Design, CLIQNOW
What I would like to see," said Centner, "is a full disclosure of an Internet company's operational and ownership structure.
There are many online outlets for carbon steel, but we have found that most of the buyers and sellers we encounter transact in more than just one metal," said David Centner, president, MaterialNet.
K2 looks forward to positioning Cox Interactive Media as the new media powerhouse they have become," said K2's CEO, David Centner.
What's more, the platform is scalable and can eventually be applied across additional raw material categories," Centner adds.
com now has the space to accommodate the staff and technology infrastructure that will support our continued rapid expansion," noted Centner.