central element

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Maglev can serve as a central element for moving people and goods efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive manner,'' she said.
The very dense central element can be read as a germ cell, and the web that emerges from it as an expression of that cell's latent energy.
Community is a central element of the newly redesigned site, which includes TV Guides' widely read columnist, expert and audience blogs, along with groups, forums and profiles.
A central element of British imperialist was designing colonial capitals to serve the ideology and practical needs of colonists, says Kincaid (English, U.
A central element is the joker, a royal figure on an old bicycle, with a dollar sign on his chest, passing a road marker with the number 86 on it.
We are proud of our longstanding commitment to outstanding and personalized client service, a central element of our business approach that we look forward to continuing for years to come.
such single-molecule studies, eg on subcellular systems of the cytoskeleton, are the central element of research at the center for innovation competence b cube.
The underlying proposition is that religion, and especially monotheism, has been a central element in the legitimization and representations of monarchy in its various forms, at least in the pre-modern period.
Elimination of the council's veto is a central element of legislation being pushed by one of the state's most influential lawmakers - Sen.
The episode may burn into the awareness of college-age athletes and students, and many others both older and younger, a key principle that is sometimes overlooked or ignored: the importance of knowing and following rules, reportedly a central element in the situation involving Harrick.
companies and better links with federal laboratories is a central element of the initiative.

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