central headquarters

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Our plans to establish a central headquarters and R&D center for the company s North American Architectural Coatings Business in Pennsylvania are an important step in creating our newly expanded coatings business, Charles E.
Thus, the minute they are done, they can be integrated into the system and begin operations under the full control of our central headquarters.
A leader in the marketplace today, its funding and contract servicing are facilitated from its central headquarters in Dallas and a satellite operation center in Houston, Texas.
Cleaning buildings Manuel Siurot 50, Avenue de la Guardia Civil 1 and Calle Marques de Nervion 40, the central headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment
At the Goethe Institute, the Internet department coordinated the production for the central headquarters this website and the Germany perspective of the country portals.
He will be based in Chicago, where the North Central headquarters has relocated from Minneapolis.
Bringing these two disciplines under one roof provides a central headquarters for research that holds enormous promise for biotechnology, biomedical engineering and related fields.
It's expected the realignment will result in an overall reduction in workforce, primarily positions at the central headquarters in Kansas City.
While Oklahoma City will continue to be central headquarters for Hertz' worldwide reservations operations, the decision to open a second US facility has been prompted by the continued expansion and growth we're experiencing in car rental volume," said Wayne Bowman, Staff Vice President, Worldwide Reservations for Hertz.
In 1993, she joined the Department for Peacekeeping Operations, and then worked as Chief Budget Officer for the United Nations Operations in Yugoslavia and Central Headquarters.
Under FIR management system, data will be collected from police stations daily, he said and added that a central headquarters has been established here just like Lahore which would be made operational within a month.
BDI leader Ali Ahmeti appointed current Economy Minister Bekim Neziri as Chief of the Central Headquarters of BDI for the upcoming elections in 2016.

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