central idea

See: main point
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I've never been able to get the right central idea for it.
Their central idea, their grand aim, is to subjugate you, keep you down, make you feel insignificant and humble in the blaze of their cosmopolitan glory
Plainly, the central idea of secession is the essence of anarchy.
The central idea had come to him the night before, and he was now reveling in the planning of the remoter, minor details.
His central idea, from the first, was not the mere leasing of telephones, but rather the creation of a Federal company that would be a permanent partner in the entire telephone business.
Nevertheless, she is completely on target with her central idea of the need to transcend the current deadlock.
The central idea is to get a detailed approximation of actual monetary cost required to achieve training associated with certain quality indicators in technical training organizations (otec), taking into account the diversity that presents the industry in terms of training provision, coverage geographical and other factors to determine in consulting.
This is a lengthy, complicated bill, but the central idea is simple: Raise taxes on domestic oil producers and then spend the money to subsidize ethanol, solar energy, windmills (so long as they're not on Cape Cod), and so on.
He does some mildly clever things with the concept of animals only fooling us stupid humans into thinking they're dumb, but it's the kind of movie that leaves you feeling like more could have been done with the central idea.
The central idea of this three-part show is that a radio show is being re corded, but due to some unsuitable content, liberal dollops of swearing, and flights of fancy that are too bizarre (or per haps too funny?
Acclaimed director Krzysztof Kieslowski never quite makes the good central idea work, and the film gets a bit lost, and starts to drag in the first half hour.
In its central idea of an injured soldier who finds himself at the mercy of local civilians this play recalls David Greig'sThe American Pilot, staged by the RSC in Stratford earlier this year.

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