central nature

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For every object has its roots in central nature, and may of course be so exhibited to us as to represent the world.
Following these two essays are a Christian reflection on Romans 8 and a Muslim reflection on Qur'an 3:190-94 and 29:45, each demonstrating the central nature of Scripture in cultivating practices of prayer.
Ferzli added that "the role of MP Franjieh is of a pioneering, leadership, central nature," hoping herein that the backbone of such an exceptional role by all the Christian community during the current extraordinary circumstances witnessed in Lebanon and the region would remain shining in all areas.
President al-Assad, during his meeting withA'Abbas Zaki the personal envoy of the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas,A'assertedA'that the central nature of the Palestinian cause and adherence to the legitimate historic rights of the Palestinian people will remain a priority for Syria.
Encompassing the works and ideas of the African world in combination with geographically inclusive sources from North America, the Caribbean, and the African continent from Ghana and Liberia, to Ethiopia and Libya, Poe constantly emphasizes the connection to and central nature of Kemet; Poe applies his Afrocentric historiography even to small examples of terminology, such as how the prevailing notion of "academy" in the Eurocentric model differs from the one in the Kemetic society.
I think the big thing that's happened over the past several months is a basic change in how Turkey analyzes the central nature of the problem in Syria.
Russ Mittermeier and photographer John Martin traveled to Suriname's Central Nature Reserve - a protected area of the country that has rarely, if ever, been visited by humans in modern times.
The President reaffirmed the central nature of the defence commitments of
Even before St David's, people were very complimentary about the central nature of Cardiff.
Graham retains his practice of capitalizing that's throughout the book, subtly suggesting to the reader that the state might be a single phenomenon with a single central nature that, despite superficial variations, can itself be investigated, analyzed, and understood.
It's the question of one's central nature that is captured in the rest of the phrase: Ergo sum.
The central nature of the independence issue is illustrated by the difficulties encountered in establishing a Bougainville police force which in time it is envisaged will be able to replace the foreign truce monitors at present led by New Zealand.

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