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Retiform and stellate purpura with and without central necrosis is typically seen grossly.
By week 12, 30% of the treated tumors showed small areas of central necrosis.
More advanced cutaneous lesions feature central necrosis.
The bulla ruptures and may exude a sort of bloody purulent material, followed by central necrosis, a dark brown or black eschar, and edema out of proportion to the size of the lesion, Small bullae or pustules and erythema frequently surround the eschar.
In addition, intravital microscopy using a murine pseudo-orthotopic breast cancer model showed that NPI-2358 induces a rapid decrease in tumor blood flow resulting in tumor vascular collapse and central necrosis in established tumors.
False negative cases with higher ADC values were encountered in lesions with central necrosis and haemorrhage in a study conducted by Lalithe Palle and Reddy in 200 patients.
CT scan finding of large cystic lesion may be of variable etiology like brain abscess, hydatid cyst, brain infarction, and tumors with central necrosis like oligodendrogliomas, tuberculomas, and many more.
Calcification was observed in areas of caseating central necrosis (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
Microscopically, widespread central necrosis was present (figure 4).
8-cm heterogeneous, multilobulated mass with central necrosis originating from either the body and tail of the pancreas or the left adrenal gland with compression of adjacent organs (Figure 1).
Focal central necrosis was seen with few foamy histiocytes especially around the adnexae.

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