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In the early phase of the disorder, dermatologic features can include purpuric patches and plaques in a reticulate pattern with focal central necrosis.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed the presence of a large mass in the midportion of the tongue, with an area of central necrosis and a suggestion of an inferior extension into the floor of the mouth (figure 1).
Ulceration and necrosis are typical, with the frequent central necrosis (Figure 2), resulting in a pseudogranulomatous appearance, which can mimic benign necrobiotic granulomatous lesions.
Eosinophilic abscesses can feature central necrosis.
CT and MRI of thymic carcinoid reveal a large, heterogeneous, lobulated mass, occasionally with areas of hemorrhage and central necrosis.
Computed tomographic scan of the patient's chest showed collapse of the left lower lung with central necrosis, bilateral pleural effusions, and mediastinal lymphadenopathy.
More advanced cutaneous lesions feature central necrosis.

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