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But I'm allowed to meet her with a cab at the Grand Central Station to-morrow evening at the 8.
I don't like to write to him --with those messengers of ours you never know who may get hold of your letter--at that Central Station.
On the fifteenth day I came in sight of the big river again, and hobbled into the Central Station.
In a letter written to some English capitalists in 1878, he said: "It is possible to connect every man's house, office or factory with a central station, so as to give him direct communication with his neighbors.
Construction of Central Walk a 19-metre-wide tunnel from Chalmers Street, linking to new metro platforms under Central Station
Meanwhile, 60 years ago, the suburbs of Tyneside - North and South of the river - were served by electric trains running from the Central Station.
Detailed plans submitted to Newcastle City Council show how the Central Station portico could be transformed into a concept taking inspiration from the likes of Fenwick Food Hall.
Brussels [Belgium], June 21 ( ANI ): A suspected terrorist who detonated a suitcase at the Brussels Central Station in a failed terror attack has been identified as a Moroccan national in his 30s who was shot dead by soldiers on patrol.
Queen Street station is normally closed after stadium events but on Saturday it will be used to accommodate passengers using Valley Lines services while those travelling to Bridgend and further west will queue from the rear of Central Station.
NY Kids Club is a trusted local enrichment center with expertise and experience that is very pertinent to our members," said Lauren Pohl, founder of Kidz Central Station.
Central Station is pictured on the right in a 1904 photograph, above, of Ranelagh Street.
Due to popular demand the band's world tour has been extended and they will perform at Central Station on October 23.

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