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A general spatial layout emerged that the selected channels clustered in a small group and distributed along the central sulcus. Our results are consistent with the findings of Chao et al.
Our results showed that during the hand gesture movement, the selected channels were clustered along the central sulcus, especially in the postcentral area.
To identify the sensorimotor network (SMN) of all swimmers, FC with a seed region in the left central sulcus was used.
* To study the age related changes in the width of left and right central sulcus, superior temporal sulcus, parietooccipital sulcus.
Unlike the upper extremity representation, LE cortical representations are buried deep in the junction of central sulcus and longitudinal fissure and the variability of individual cortical gyri is considerable.
During overt naming (Table 3, Figures 1(c)-1(d)), the aphasia group overactivated dorsal regions bilaterally, in particular bilateral central sulcus, as well as right insula, right angular gyrus, and right Heschl's gyrus.

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