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For the past several decades, centralisation of the carpus on the distal end of the ulna in conjunction with soft tissue release has become the most commonly performed surgical procedure for the treatment of type III and type IV radial club hand.
Q Campaigners claim the Trust has used the flawed HSMR mortality data from 2013 to push through centralisation.
While in the case of France, the reason was to instill structure and order in response to the emerging chaos from the Hundred Years War, the argument for centralisation goes further than just creating a sense of order.
Previously Sberbanks IT system centralisation programme was awarded at IPMA International Project Excellence Award 2015.
Assange said that centralisation of information and centralisation of power is a pretty concerning thing.
Further centralisation will be a further blow to the local economy and will impact heavily on Coleraine.
Three of these studies address the issue of centralisation (Birkinshaw et al.
Cost of decision making and implementation in case of decentralised operations is usually lower than in case of centralisation, since it would also require central coordination.
Their aim is to bring groups opposing the centralisation of services together to put pressure on the Executive.
For most mid-sized and large companies, such centralisation has demanded the adoption of a global perspective on IT: the provision of infrastructure services at a global level, the management of suppliers and procurement of IT at a global level, the enforcement of standards and processes at a global level - yet the maintenance of enough flexibility to ensure local needs are not overwhelmed by the centralisation and rationalisation ethos.
JOHN COLEMAN, the County Kildare permit-holder, has won his appeal against the Irpounds 800 fine imposed on him, and the 42-day ban imposed on his horse Centralisation in relation to the horse's running at Thurles on May 10, writes Tony O'Hehir.