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During the past twenty years we have witnessed the reversal of the power provided by the centralist control of broadcast media.
In fact, the current escalation points to an increasing political struggle between the federalist position of Shia Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki and the centralist position of Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr.
How do we explain the centralist eras in our history?
Labour MP Richard Burden, who has spent years working closely with Sir Richard to transform his constituency in Northfield, said: "I think people thought Dick was a centralist, but he was the opposite and he was passionate about Birmingham.
On reading the Gospels' account of Jesus before the Sanhedrin, the trial before Pilate, and the sentence of death, Sloyan projects neither extreme skepticism nor full-faith acceptance but, rather, a centralist position.
But while Howard is a cultural and values conservative, he is also a self-defined nationalist, a centralist far more devastatingly than Whitlam, and a constitutional radical who is killing off the last vestiges of effective federalism in this country.
A main cause for dirty hospitals has been Labour's bureaucratic centralist approach to the NHS.
Andre Lecours (associate professor of political science, Concordia University) examines how Basque nationalism has been greatly influenced by the different forms of the state, from its confederal, centralist, and authoritarian historical phases to its democratic phases.
The essays do not espouse any particular agenda but powerfully delineate how historical recall is essentially multi-dimensional and absolutely political, thus interrogating Michael Bliss and Jack Granstein's centralist views which claim that attention to differences within Canada has resulted in the loss of a common view of the nation's public history, that the selectivity of social historians who view events from the vantage points of feminism, multiculturalism, regionalism, and such like have produced unhelpful history which privileges the parts over the whole.
It would not be a government developmental agency with its centralist bureaucrats and political masters living in Ottawa and Toronto, or a frustrated separatist movement to create a new province with the nuisance bear as its official symbol.
Britain, which has generally favored a less centralist EU in the past, wants to focus on making the EU economy more competitive in the light of challenges from countries such as China and India.
The new CEO, Louis Gerstner, however, proved to be a centralist, and built IBM into a company with tight integration, led by its services arm.