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The main reason for the emergence of the Gulen movement is this centralist and Jacobin political mechanism.
Widely unnoticed, Iraqi Sunni and Shia centralists have managed in the last couple of months to form a united parliamentary platform that leaves sectarian tensions behind.
A main cause for dirty hospitals has been Labour's bureaucratic centralist approach to the NHS.
Andre Lecours (associate professor of political science, Concordia University) examines how Basque nationalism has been greatly influenced by the different forms of the state, from its confederal, centralist, and authoritarian historical phases to its democratic phases.
Among Iraq's Shia, the most powerful political current today is not Muqtada al-Sadr's centralist populism; it's regionalism.
No other country in the world has the same centralist system of government as we have.
It would not be a government developmental agency with its centralist bureaucrats and political masters living in Ottawa and Toronto, or a frustrated separatist movement to create a new province with the nuisance bear as its official symbol.
Britain, which has generally favored a less centralist EU in the past, wants to focus on making the EU economy more competitive in the light of challenges from countries such as China and India.
The new CEO, Louis Gerstner, however, proved to be a centralist, and built IBM into a company with tight integration, led by its services arm.
One is loyalist and traditional, the other centralist and modernizing.
Even France, a centralist state since Napoleon, has acquiesced.
They have stated that presently the Liberals are too centralist and the NDP too social-democratic; they believe the Conservatives may be the more appropriate choice for their cause.