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Islam is no monopoly of any Centralist group or individual, let alone the present day NIF pretenders and war criminals.
But this fact is not emphasized by many Centralist historians who wrote about Funj rulers as descendants of Ummaya (an Arab aristocratic lineage) with no mention of the strong evidence that Funj rulers were Shulluk people.
Both Elmerghani, leader of the NDA and DUP as a large Centralist constituency, and Garang, the NDA's military commander and SPLA Southerner leader, have maintained a strong alliance based on the commitment of both political entities to the unity, democracy, and peace of the Sudan.
Building Popular Power goes beyond telling the history of the Portuguese revolution to argue that it illustrates two opposing models of socialist revolution: centralist and popular power.
259) He notes several cases where grassroots organizations became involved in national political disputes, but condemns such actions since "attempting to force a new government rather than continuing to build the bases implied a centralist orientation, abandoning the popular power model which had inspired it.
This work warns us that centralists and later "law and order" positivists used historical narratives to paint the federal republic as disastrously disorderly.
The Federal Republic faced difficulties from the beginning, especially in the form of a centralist movement based in the capital that often succeeded in subverting the spirit of federalism.