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CENTRAL. Relating to the centre, or placed in the centre; as, the central courts of the United States, are those located in the city of Washington, whose jurisdiction extends over the whole country. These are, first, the Senate of the United States, when organized to try impeachments; secondly, the Supreme Court of the United States.
     2. The government of the United States is the central government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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- Centralize Log Data All commands elevated using sudo are recorded in the centralized event log.
ManpowerGroup chose WatchGuard's XTM 1050 in HA mode at Gurgaon in order to centralize internet connectivity and its management.
Onename Global is an incentive based social media platform that will allow users the ability to centralize, manage, and monetise online activity on a scalable, social media platform.
Discussing distance education centralization or decentralization can be a vital part of any strategic planning process, and it's likely that many colleges and universities will eventually take the same route as NC State, making the issue of whether to centralize or not into a question with a changing answer.
Aruba's WLAN systems uniquely centralize all 802.11i security functions, including wireless encryption, authentication and user access controls to deliver the highest levels of security for enterprise deployments.
The company, which comprises staff with more than 10 years of experience in the region's cash and treasury market, provides solutions to help multinationals and other corporations automate, centralize and regionalize their cash and treasury functions.
In early January, the IRS's Large and Mid-Size Business Division requested Tax Executives Institute's comments on a proposal to centralize the processing of research tax credit claims in a single location (the Ogden Service Center) and possibly to require the filing of formal claims for refund (Forms 1120X) to effect a claim, rather than permitting an informal claim to be made during the course of the examination.
Last summer Nardelli announced a plan to reorganize his company's merchandising operation, which would centralize all purchasing through Home Depot's Atlanta base.
The ideal is to use software to collect and centralize healthcare information--to identify diagnoses, medications, diet, therapy, activities, etc.--into one complete clinical health record for each resident.

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