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Centralized services such as bibliographic utilities and union catalogs have long been an important focus of library cooperative efforts.
EPN's Centralized OFAC Screening Service is a web-based solution that requires no custom software installation or individual maintenance.
Encryption, bolstered by multiple levels of centralized network control based on the Windows NT security model, provides network-level security.
However, it failed to find sufficient integration between the Wisconsin steel and the Illinois food-packaging subsidiaries, which would have been evidenced by centralized departments that generate economies of scale and value for the corporate group members.
With Sony Sports Solutions you'll have easy access to all of Sony's professional products through one centralized point of contact.
The bill being presented to the governor, which the senate approved on a 36-13 vote and the house approved on a 171-25 vote, would require the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to draft and submit for EPA approval an "alternative" vehicle emissions testing program that would consist of a decentralized test-and-repair system or a hybrid system combining centralized test-only and decentralized test-and-repair components.
The EPA claims, with some evidence, that decentralized programs are more open to corruption and fraud than centralized programs.
But with advances in centralized systems, it now takes only minutes to change the material being delivered to a press automatically and by remote control.
Centralized, Remote Computing Solutions Reduce Customer IT Security Risks, Ownership Costs
The temporary solution was for the group to include these subsidiaries in a centralized reporting environment.

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