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As an additional benefit of centralized treasury technology, companies and their operating units have access to information from anywhere, through a "thin client" deployment.
Built in partnership with Accuity (formerly TFP, Thomson Financial Publishing), EPN's OFAC solution screens cross-border corporate and retail ACH payments against a centralized OFAC list and identifies suspect transactions.
Internet search engines, particularly Google at present, have become very important centralized information services.
For example, while information can be examined locally and even accessed directly, such systems cannot provide authentication, centralized audit logs or device visibility across the network.
A common bank account existed, but not a centralized cash management system.
Although a centralized system requires just one server, the district must have a wide-area network, which can be costly to deploy if not already in place.
SCHOOL ATHLETICS VIDEOGRAPHY Sony's Sports Group makes it easy to access all Sony products through one centralized point of contact.
Other states are already mustering nerve and repudiating centralized inspection.
True, centralized systems cost more initially: One that can deliver two dozen different materials to an equal number of machines costs between $200,000 and $250,000.
There are a lot of synergies between these two products: CCI offers centralized management of hardware, while SoftGrid offers centralized management and deployment of software.
And terminal servers, which use the WAN to process and display requests between remote thin clients and centralized application servers, suffer from poor performance and lack scalability.
The next few sections will be an examination of how centralized implementations of union catalogs meet the functional characteristics-the broad areas of consistent searching/indexing, consolidation of records, and performance/management--described above.

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