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Some small and medium-sized businesses have overseas operations, which makes them particularly well suited to centralized processing.
Ameriabank ensured a high data security level for this solution by saving client payment card data only in the centralized processing center using Master Card Secure Code and Verified by Visa (VbV) security technologies.
The SJA2020 supports the industry trend towards the centralization of body control applications as the 32-bit microcontroller provides centralized processing power and intelligence for multiple IVN nodes.
Offering a superior choice for enterprises and service providers building high-performance, scaleable, and profitable IP networks, the BIG-IP 5000 is the first and only port dense Internet Traffic Management solution that offers (1) integrated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) at no extra charge to increase web server performance and ensure transaction security, (2) four times the processing power of any product in its class to deeply examine packets and intelligently direct traffic to the correct destination, (3) a centralized processing and switch fabric design for an "all-in-one" solution that reduces deployment costs and administration duties, and (4) an open API for seamless communication with all F5 products and any 3rd party application that supports F5's iControl.
Ameriabank offers a high level of protection of customer data, as customers payment card data is stored only in the centralized processing center, and the security is delivred by the Technology Master Card Secure Cide and VISA Verified by Visa (VbV).

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