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So total number of pairs of a and b shall count to be equal in number to order of the centralizer of g.
Centralizer placement at the pile base reinforcement is most valuable to contractors, product developers contend: during shaft descent, it keeps the foot of the bar from snagging, caving in the sidewalls or contaminating the critical integrity of each pile.
infinity]] as a finite tensor power centralizer algebra.
The centralizer of a subobject u : Y [right arrow] X is the largest subobject commuting with it, i.
Then the centralizer of hyperbolic-elliptic ([gamma],[gamma]') in [[GAMMA].
Note that of these constructions, only the centralizer is guaranteed to give a subgroup.
A non-leakage pump is applied in Daqing B2-P47 polymer flooding well, the concentration of polymer is 400mg/L, due to the influence of polymer adglutinate, the pump inspection cycle is just 187d, while the pump inspection cycle of non- leakage pump can be 532d, which means that the pump inspection cycle prolongs to be 345d, and the centralizer wear degree is light.
g] [subset or equal to] X is the set of points fixed by g [member of] G, and Z(g) is the centralizer of g in G.
Instead of being the Great Emancipator, Lincoln was the Great Centralizer, the patron saint of centralized governmental power.
Horne argues that Napoleon centralized French government and cultural life--even down to fashion, theater, and food--to an extent unrealized even by that great centralizer Louis XIV, leaving the provinces to remain dismal backwaters.
He seeks to replace the nation's memory of Lincoln as the "Great Emancipator" with the record of Lincoln as the "Great Centralizer.

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