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Changes in technology--including the movement from independent local area networks (LANs) to corporate wide area networks (WANs)--have provided the infrastructure that allows the same organization to centralize its operations.
Complementary to WAFS (wide-area file services) solutions, Mobilize for RDP overcomes issues associated with unreliable WAN connections and still centralizes remote data protection operations.
net is part of a new boom in management tools to help simplify and centralize control of IT infrastructure.
Macrovision's software asset management solutions provide Motorola with the ability to centralize licenses on a global basis and give us granular visibility into software usage, which dramatically increases the overall value of our software," said Dan Griffith, Manager, Comprehensive Software Asset Management for Motorola.
The Venetian selected StoreAge's solution to accelerate data backup, replicate data, improve application availability and centralize storage management.
then plans to centralize all product information in one database and integrate all legacy systems, so that all content management and publishing can be handled from a single data source.
Network: centralizes TCP/IP configuration settings, locates systems using non-TCP/IP protocols, and identifies domain and workgroup settings, etc.
Keyware's CAS brings an important added value to our product line because we can now offer a state of the art central authentication technology that centralizes both biometric (voice, face, fingerprint, etc.
PROVISIONEER is a software-based solution that simplifies, automates and centralizes the complex configuration of IP Infrastructure devices and services.
VERITAS Backup Exec Shared Storage Option centralizes storage device management, reducing the complexity of tape swapping and drive cleaning tasks.

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