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I have no issue with the IRS centralizing the processing of research tax credit claims in the Ogden Service Center.
TEI understands that the purpose of centralizing the processing of claims in a single service center is to permit the IRS to (quickly) assess its staffing/training needs.
One of the benefits of storage networks is the centralizing of device management, as noted above, while communication between application servers and their assigned storage resources remains decentralized, via a switched network.
And the ILM architecture needs to be evaluated, designed and tuned to minimize the performance hit that will result from centralizing data access.
Seamlessly connecting to all business applications requiring the determination, calculation and recording of taxes, the Sabrix Solution further unlocks the value of leading ERP platforms by centralizing sales, use, and VAT determination across an enterprise.
Centralizing and consolidating storage management services into a single layer that works across heterogeneous host-servers and storage systems is the proposed benefit of providing services in the network via "intelligent" purpose-built devices.
By simplifying and centralizing storage management through a blended storage network solution, organizations can lower storage management costs, increase utilization efficiency and improve provisioning while leveraging existing technology investments.
Consolidation often means centralizing the physical infrastructure, but it can also refer to centralizing the logical layer.
NAS was very popular--so popular that it created a giant corporate headache for IT groups charged with centralizing storage operations across the enterprise.
Appliance-based SAN solutions simplify the management structure by centralizing intelligence within the appliance rather than distributing it throughout the SAN.
Centralizing storage resources without the tools to manage those resources more effectively makes little sense and will not provide the dramatic cost savings that SANs must offer--a system must be designed to be configured and monitored from anywhere in the world.

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