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This drastically simplifies IT's ability to meet regulatory compliance by centralizing e-mail, file and database servers in a smaller number of locations.
Gartner Group estimated in a November 2004 report on wireless procurement that first year savings of 20-30 percent can be achieved by centralizing cellular/mobile procurement.
Centralizing data was critical to launching their customer-facing web site application, E-USCOLD, which allows customers to access information about inventories, order status, and schedules.
Wavelink's Mobile Manager enables network administrators to accelerate wireless LAN configuration and deployment, enhance wireless LAN security and improve network health and performance by centralizing the management of wireless LANs and mobile devices.
With the MetaFrame Access Suite as its end-to-end access infrastructure system, AIT Canada is better able to ensure the security of corporate data by centralizing it in one location, creating an IT environment that is secure by design.
For the voters of Nevada, NSVRS will increase customer service by standardizing and centralizing the registration process throughout the state to support online voter registration using a centralized repository.
By centralizing its access environment using Citrix access infrastructure, MCS saved $300,000 in IT costs last year while more than doubling the number of branch locations.

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