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CENTURY, civil law. One hundred. The Roman people were divided into centuries. In England they were divided into hundreds. Vide Hundred. Century also means one hundred years.

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First of all, much of the mess we're in the massive indebtedness, the expiring asset bubbles, and the Big Government that is inevitably created to remedy such ills--can be ascribed to a centurylong diet of fiat money.
CAPTAIN James McPake hopes Hibernian win the William Hill Scottish Cup against rivals Hearts today so supporters can end their centurylong wait and revel in the triumph for the next 100 years.
Whyte decided to terminate a centurylong association with Arsenal when he sold shares that were gifted to Rangers by the London club.
TOP gardeners have got these thistles looking blooming lovely - after ending their centurylong sex drought
In comparison, the anticipated centurylong change is trivial.