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Patients in the PROBAAT trial included women beyond 37 weeks' gestation with a singleton pregnancy in cephalic presentation, with intact membranes and an unfavorable cervix as defined by a Bishop score less than 6.
The inclusion criteria were singleton term pregnancies, cephalic presentation, the presence of nuchal cord, and no other significant associated pathology.
JoYwiak and her coinvestigators conducted a trial called PROBAAT (Prostaglandins or Balloon for Induction of Labor at Term) in 819 women with a term pregnancy who had a vital singleton fetus in cephalic presentation, intact membranes, and an unfavorable cervix, defined as a Bishop score of less than 6.
MONTREAL -- Early external cephalic version increases the likelihood of cephalic presentation at birth, but does not result in fewer cesarean sections compared with later cephalic version, based on the results of an international, multicenter, randomized controlled trial.
All patients had a single fetus in cephalic presentation.
The mortality in those delivered in breech position was four times the mortality of those delivered in the cephalic presentation.