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All patient included in the study were of American society of Anaesthesiology (ASA) status I, age between 20 to 30 years, primigravida and singleton with cephalic presentation.
Noncephalic presentation was correctly identified by clinical examination in 70% of women and cephalic presentation was correctly diagnosed in 95% (sensitivity = 70%; specificity = 95%).
2 / 1,000 151,549 women (n=90) (n=8) (n=24) * For uncomplicated term singletons in cephalic presentation.
Abdominal examination revealed fundal height of 32 weeks, singleton pregnancy with longitudinal lie and cephalic presentation.
The subjects had singleton pregnancy with cephalic presentation and estimated foetal weight of 2.
Fewer fetuses were in non cephalic presentation at birth in the early ECV group (41/63[65 Percent ] versus 29/60[49 Percent ] in the delayed ECV group, p = 0.
All pregnancies were at 36-42 weeks, single fetus, cephalic presentation and normal fetal heart rate pattern.
Routine ultrasonography revealed a single dead fetus in cephalic presentation with mild hydrocephalus and brachycephaly.
One of my fellow-trainees was pushing a mobile scanner, with a big smile on his face because at last we could distinguish a breech from a cephalic presentation.
The fetus was in cephalic presentation and Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) was 136 beats per minute and regular.
The 10 Robson groups were used to classify the women, and the staff concentrated on three of those groups in particular: Group 1: Primiparae, singleton, cephalic presentation, >37 weeks, spontaneous labour; Group 2: Primiparae, singleton, cephalic presentation, >37 weeks, induction/elective CS; Group 5: Multiparae, former CS, cephalic presentation, >37 weeks.
Cesarean was not possible because of imminent vaginal birth in 59 cases, requested vaginal delivery in 29, conversion of the fetus to cephalic presentation in 12, or unknown reasons in 5.