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Cephalometric analysis was used to determine the Angle Class and position of the upper and lower lips to the esthetic line of Ricketts.
They focus on the principles and techniques that have the strongest evidence base and a more traditional approach, covering the scientific basis of orthodontics and dentofacial deformity, with focus on craniofacial embryology, postnatal growth and development, and the biology of tooth movement; and clinical orthodontics, including diagnosis and treatment planning, cephalometric analysis, contemporary use of removable and fixed appliances, adult orthodontics, and the management of cleft lip and palate.
Our study of computerized tomography of cephalometric analysis on 92 subjects with AHI ranging from normal to severe OSA, confirmed that Chinese subjects had inferiorly positioned hyoid bone and a retropositioned maxilla, contributing to a more severe degree of sleep-disordered breathing (40).