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With HMS Argyll having completed development testing of the Sea Ceptor, the weapon system is now being rolled out to the Royal Navy's other Type 23 frigates.
Sea Ceptor can intercept and destroy enemy missiles travelling at supersonic speeds and will be used to protect the Navy's new aircraft carriers.
Mr Hammond, speaking at the Defence Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair at London's ExCel Centre, said the Sea Ceptor "will play a vital role in protecting frigates".
95 Free CW430C - casio Wave ceptor (saVe PS30) rrP PS99.
The system, known as Sea Ceptor, will be developed under a 483 million-pound ($759 million) contract with missile-maker MBDA, which is jointly owned by European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co.
Sea Ceptor missiles fired from Navy warships will reach speeds of up to Mach 3 and can protect an area of around 500 sq miles over land or sea, the Navy said.
An official presentation took place at the recent spring SEAT fleet forum, which took place at Walton Hall Hotel, near Stratford-upon-Avon, where Geoff received his award - a Casio Wave Ceptor watch from Simon Kennedy, network fleet development manager for SEAT UK.
However, the great majority of T cells homing to skin are of the CD45RO+ memory/effector phenotype and express the skin-selective homing re ceptor, cutaneous lymphocyte-associated antigen (CLA) (31).
THE famous Jensen marque is to launch a new car, the Inter ceptor S.
Ceptor, which is also focusing on neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases, has entered into an agreement with a consortium of investors who will provide $1.
23 Neutrophil cytosol factor 2 (NCF2), 1q25 Familial atypical Interferon-gamma re- 1 laboratory in France mycobacteriosis ceptor alpha chain (DNA-based and bio- (IFNGR1), 6q23-q24 chemical) Interferon-gamma re- ceptor beta chain (IFNGR2), 21q22 Interleukin-12 beta chain (IL12B) 5q31- q33 Interleukin-12 re- ceptor beta-1 chain (IL12RB1), 19p13 Hyper Immunoglobu- Mevalonate kinase 1 laboratory in United lin D syndrome (MVK), 12q24 States (DNA-based) Lymphoproliferative SH2DIA (SAP), Xq25 1 laboratory in United disease, X-linked States (DNA-based) Nijmegen breakage Nibrin (NBS), 8q21 1 laboratory in Russia syndrome Properdin deficien- (PFC, PFD) Xp11.