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At present the minimum bond strength for retention of an adhesive to a metal ceramic restoration in the oral environment is not known.
Despite the successful introduction of ceramic core systems, bondable ceramic restorations in the form of inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns still form a major part of conservative aesthetic prosthodontics.
Several authors have compared the marginal adaptation of the ceramic restoration to the prepared tooth by following thousands of patients and Mark I and II Vitablocs (Vident Zahnfabrik) restorations over the course of the CEREC evolution (6-15) The CEREC 1 and CEREC 2 technology on marginal gaps appeared to be significant with an approximate range between 200 and 300 [micro]m.
Maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth, premolars and maxillary right second molars were prepared for metal ceramic restorations with metal margins.
The CEREC system was the first commercially available CAD CAM system developed for the rapid chair side design and fabrication of ceramic restorations.
49 However, it cannot be concluded that good marginal fit will influence the fracture resistance of an all ceramic restoration and the two properties may be interlinked.
Hence, the long-term esthetics of the ceramic restoration is compromised.
Single unit crowns and retainers of FDP of both cast metal and metal ceramic restorations were included.
A Crown and Bridge Dental Lb fabricating all phases of crown and bridge appliances including ceramic restorations utilizing CAD/CAM technologies.
Fracture resistance of premolars restored with partial ceramic restorations and submitted to two different loading stresses.
A full service dental lab, IDL, holds expertize in Implants and All Ceramic Restorations.
Bonding ceramic restorations to tooth structure rely on a number of factors, including the treatment of the ceramic surface, selection of a suitable resin luting agent, and appropriate treatment of prepared tooth structure [14-16].