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During revision surgery, clinicians are often exposed to the sharp metallic ends of cerclage cables that have broken or frayed.
Results of the randomized, controlled CIRCLE (Assessment of Cervical Cerclage for the Prevention of Preterm Labour) trial do not suggest any benefit in replacing historical indications for suture placement with ultrasound surveillance, Dr.
Cerclage of the uterine cervix was repeated and an emergency caesarean section was performed 10 days later.
Open reduction and internal fixation with an anatomically-contoured, low-profile distal clavicle plate with coracoclavicular cerclage is a reliable method for treatment of unstable Neer Type II distal clavicle fractures.
"We only carry out around two emergency rescue cerclages each year but I don't think we have ever had any last as long as three weeks.
Surgeons performed the cerclage - a small stitch to prevent the cervix opening - at the Beverly Hills celebrity hospital Cedars Sinai last week.
Management strategies for the prevention of preterm birth: part II- update on cervical cerclage. Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2009,21:485-490.
DALLAS -- Placing a cerclage conferred additional benefit over vaginal progesterone alone for women with extreme short cervixes and singleton pregnancies, in a recent study.
Subsequently, a cerclage wire was passed around the patella and the proximal part of the quadriceps tendon to reinforce fixation (Figure 3).
Cervical Cerclage: This is a procedure done on women who had recurrent miscarriages during mid-pregnancy.
Two of the most important, evidence-based strategies in managing a woman with a history of a prior spontaneous singleton PTB are progestin supplementation to reduce the risk of recurrent PTB and serial cervical surveillance with transvaginal ultrasound to assess cervical length and determine whether cerclage may be beneficial.
Prior to separation, with the aid of a 1.5mm Steinmann pin, four holes were drilled, two on each edge of the hemipelves aligned on each side, obliquely to allow the passage of two 0.8mm steel wires for cerclage. Before the steel wires were inserted, two spiral cerclage wires of the same diameter mentioned above were made, as follows: With a 2.0-mm diameter Steinmann pin attached to the chuck of a drill, this pin was wrapped with the cerclage wire a total of six times to make the spiral, according to the desired enlargement of the pelvic symphysis (Figure 3).