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Among the 148 women randomized to cerclage, the primary outcome occurred in 30% of the 47 women receiving 17P and in 34% of the 101 women with no 17P (odds ratio, 0.
Mancuso reported on 301 women who were randomized to cerclage or no cerclage and underwent serial vaginal ultrasound between 16 and nearly 23 weeks, revealing no funnel in 154 women, a V-shaped funnel in 99, and a U-shaped funnel in 48.
Michael Katz, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences, University of California, San Francisco, and chief of perinatal services at California Pacific Medical Center, to discuss interval cervicoisthmic cerclage, with an emphasis on a laparoscopic approach.
Laparoscopic cerclage is a highly innovative procedure that has offered hope and delivered good outcomes.
One intraoperative calcar fracture occurred in case number ten, which was treated with a cerclage wire and without further complications.
A recent meta-analysis of four randomized trials of cerclage for shortened cervical length uncovered a relationship between pregnancy history and cerclage effectiveness.
Incidentally, we previously published a pearl for avoiding the stuck cerclage prob lem.
It is important to realize that rupture of membranes after a cervical cerclage may be the result of a sub-clinical infectious process, rather than the consequence of cerclage placement.
Two prospective trials in twins found no benefit from prophylactic cerclage in preventing preterm birth.
Therefore, some obstetricians/gynecologists decide to perform cervical cerclage to prevent preterm delivery, but it was rejected due to the increasing chanc of infection that might trigger preterm delivery by itself (2).