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Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome of Wallenberg after chiropractic manipulation.
Neither examination was reviewed by a neuroradiologist until an intraoperative consult was given, at which time a correct diagnosis of giant posterior-inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) aneurysm was made.
Cervical and cerebral angiography showed the left vertebral artery thrombosed at 2 cm from its origin (Fig 3) and mild diffuse spasm of the right vertebral artery, with reflux into the left vertebral artery up to the C5 level, covering the posterior inferior cerebellar artery territory.
An angiogram was performed which revealed mild stenosis of the left ICA at the PCOM junction with poststenotic dilation and moderate stenosis of the right ICA at the PCOM junction with both poststenotic dilation and irregular dilation of the right vertebral artery just distal to the posterior inferior cerebellar artery.
Of this group, 4 had cortical atrophy, 3 had an acoustic neuroma, 1 had an anteroinferior cerebellar artery vascular loop, 1 had a Chiari malformation, and the remaining 7 had changes consistent with small-vessel ischemic disease.