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There is a lot of myths, misconceptions and stigma on cerebral palsy, especially among most parents and caregivers.
We know firsthand the difficulties patients and families affected by cerebral palsy go through, and having the ability to learn from many resources in one place, while also connecting with others in the community who are going through the same journey, is empowering.
Occlusion of cerebral venous structures results in obstruction of flow, decreased cerebrospinal fluid absorption, and increased intracranial pressure.
Organized by the Junior Chamber International-Manila chapter, the symposium held at Manila Ocean Park hoped to educate the families and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy, particularly about the proper therapy.
Methods: One hundred and fifty-six patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage were selected.
Even though cerebral palsy is classed as the "biggest disability group in the UK", as recently as the early 1990s families in Wales were forced to travel to London to access specialist physiotherapy and care.
Cerebral Palsy Midlands is a charity which empowers and supports people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities from across the West Midlands.
Several factors have been shown to either cause or increase the likelihood of developing cerebral palsy.
This is a fantastic new facility built by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to support Canberrans with cerebral palsy and I am proud that the ACT Government provided the land on which it stands," Ms Burch said.
Across 10 different areas of life, adolescents with cerebral palsy only ranked their quality of friend and peer relationships as on average lower than adolescents in the general population, challenging the widespread perception that adolescents with disabilities have unhappy, unfulfilled lives.
These data "offer additional evidence that the underlying causes of cerebral palsy extend beyond the clinical management of delivery.
Cerebral edema is a rare but fatal complication of DKA that primarily occurs in children.