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A reproducible model of middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice: hemodynamic, biochemical, and magnetic resonance imaging.
Vascular syndromes involving the posterior cerebral artery characteristically involve a contralateral visual field deficit.
Relative hypotension in the beach-chair position: effects on middle cerebral artery blood velocity.
Cerebral artery occlusion in children due to trauma to the head and neck.
Effect of endothelin antagonist (TAK-044) on cerebral ischaemic volume, oxidative stress markers and neurobehavioral parameters in the middle cerebral artery occlusion model of stroke in rats.
On March 20, 2006, she alleged, inter alia, that the defendants failed to diagnose an aneurysm of her middle cerebral artery, which ruptured on October 31, 2003.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the head showed multiple areas of infarction, with the largest being in the right middle cerebral artery distribution and a smaller one in the left frontal region (Figure).
Intracranial MRA showed apparent narrowing of the A1 segment of the right anterior cerebral artery (Figure 3), while extracranial MRA showed slight narrowing of the left vertebral artery terminus at the confluence of the vertebral arteries (Figure 4).
Maximal flow velocity in the middle cerebral artery is now accepted as the best non-invasive method to detect fetal anaemia and has proved extremely useful to monitor pregnancies with red cell iso-immunisation, non-immune hydrops or fetal infection.
Written for scientists, this guide provides lists of necessary materials and reagents, readily-reproducible protocols and troubleshooting tips for lab work such as middle cerebral artery occlusion models, the retrieval of umbilical cord blood cells and the flow cytometric characterization of neural precursor cells.
The researchers studied 12 patients who, more than 6 months after an ischemic subcortical middle cerebral artery stroke, still had mild to moderate impairment of fine motor control in the affected hand but not spasticity in the arm.

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