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AlKhafaji, "The relation between cerebral dominance and visual analytic skills in Iraqi medical students, a cross sectional analysis," Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.
Hand position during writing correlates with cerebral dominance. Subjects, who write by hand in a non-inverting position (normal), present cerebral dominance in opposition to preferential utilization of the upper limb.
The most widely held theory of language-brain representation is "Cerebral Dominance." This theory argues that one hemisphere is dominant (i.e., LH and the other minor (i.e., RH) with regard to their association or contribution to language functions.
On college academic achievements, studies (Bracken, Ledford & Mccalum, 1979; Gadzella, 1995; Wheatley, Mitchell, Frankland & Kraft, 1978) show differences among individuals preferring left-, right-, and integrated- cerebral dominance on different tests.
His research has backed the theories of Leicester University psychologist Mrs Marian Annett on cerebral dominance.