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It was not evident when the average weight of the right cerebral hemisphere and the total volume of the right striatum were compared between groups (Table 4).
These steps were taken to ensure that the cerebral hemisphere dominance and personality scores would not influence scoring in the autoganzfeld by introducing experimenter or participant expectancy biases.
Marked asymmetries and duplicated Heschl's gyri affect phonological decoding ability more than comprehension, while reduced volume of the cerebral hemispheres and auditory structures in the left hemisphere (the first Heschl's gyrus and the planum temporale) affect comprehension more than phonological decoding.
7 mm by clear space, consistent with perivascular edema and corresponding to the T2* hypointense region in the peripheral right cerebral hemisphere on MRI (Fig 2).
When perceptual spatial deficits, including difficulty finding one's way around are due to a focal lesion of the right cerebral hemisphere, left hemisphere functioning may be intact; that is, language functions may remain unimpaired.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain shows atrophy in the involved cerebral hemisphere with abnormal hyperintense signals in the T2 weighted images.
The unilateral enlargement of the cerebral hemisphere includes proportionate ventriculomegaly and unilateral enlargement of CN I and CN II which of course are really glial tracts rather than true cranial nerves (Figure 24).
This mass, which had a volume of at least 250 mL, occupied most of the white matter of the left cerebral hemisphere and extended across the corpus callosum into the right hemisphere.
The head CT scan showed a large, acute subdural hematoma surrounding the right cerebral hemisphere with marked mass effect, 15 mm leftward shift and evidence of transtentorial herniation (see Fig 2).
In 2 out of 13 cases (15%), the venous oxygen saturation at the cerebral hemisphere was underestimated by 4%-8%.
Initially this was thought to be a disease involving only one cerebral hemisphere, but cases with some degree of bilaterality have now been identified.
The anterior three quarters of the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere, portions of the basal ganglia (caudate nucleus and globus pallidus) and the internal capsule are supplied by the anterior cerebral artery.