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hemiparesis, uMN sign+, Learning disability Case Laterality CT scan of head MRI (additional findings) 1 left Cerebral atrophy, Prominent left prominent sulci, frontal sinus, prominent cerebral peduncle ventricle midline hypoplasia, and shift, bony elevation of left thickening petrous ridge 2 left Cerebral atrophy, NA prominent ventricle, widening of sulci and Sylvian fissure, bony thickening 3 Left Cerebral atrophy, Gliosis in left prominent parietal-occipital ventricle widening cortex, shifting of of sulci and falx towards the Sylvian fissure, same side adjacent thickened calvarium rt: right; UMN: upper motor neuron; MR: mental retardation; NA: not available; GTC: generalized tonic-clonic; CT: computed tomography; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging.
This exit point is close to the midline at the inter-peduncular fossa and just medial to the cerebral peduncles, two large nerve fibre pathways carrying axons from the motor cortices to neurons in the brainstem and spinal cord.
This section type permitted observing the superior part of the mesencephalon, setting the profile of the cerebral peduncles and colliculi in evidence.
The radiologist reported findings that are representative of multiple sclerosis, with involvement of the right cerebral peduncle, left middle cerebellar peduncle, medulla oblongata, anterior brainstem at the level of the pontomedullary sulcus in the region of the VI cranial nerve origins, and within the upper cervical cord.
Central areas Thalamus, cerebral peduncle, and upper brain stem.
Symmetrical areas of altered signal intensity in bilateral globi pallidi, posterior limb of internal capsule, subthalamic nuclei and cerebral peduncle, hyperintense on T1/FLAIR, isohypointense on T2W showing no restriction of diffusion.

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