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Sus esculturas habian conseguido despertar el deseo entre quienes veian, dice Zervos, "une occassion de plus d'exprimer que l'artiste devrait vivre tout entier dans sa tete, se laisser entrainer par la seule ivresse cerebrate, par une poussee desordonnee de seve intellectuelle" (39).
PromotionsMadeEasy is offered through Cerebrate Marketing, Decatur, Ga.
As he was dressing, his brain engaged in its usual unconquerable inclination to cerebrate.
Globally, we should cerebrate the reversal from shrinking to spreading forest," says Jesse Ausubel the director of the Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University in New York, NY.
The institution will cerebrate 100 years of serving the region in 2009.