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According to Andreasen (2006: 164) the regions of unconscious cerebration / mentation are located in the associative cortex (the frontal, temporal, parietal association regions).
Yet your company is conducting this cerebration program on government money.
4) Formation of cerebration room in order to inspect the collaborative ideas and to analyze the problems
This leads him to consider the larger matter of cerebration itself: we have been able to peer into the workshop of the composer, but what Campos wishes to explore is the manufactory of the intellectual, that is to say, for Fetis, his physical library (eventually to comprise over seven thousand items) and its relationship to his theories of cataloging, his conceptions of the language of music, the extraordinary capacities of his memory, and the foundational categories of his knowledge.
Intime will take advantage of the cerebration to launch national wide activities for Intime girlfriend circles, offering new shopping experience in "girlfriends' circle" for members of Intime girlfriend circles.
in what James called 'the deep well of unconscious cerebration.
In its cerebration, could Egypt construct a Pharhaonic memorial to hallow the martyrs whomsoever they are, in whatever circumstances they fell in this ghastly Gahanna?
com says that a federal, task force has been assigned the job of determining benefits that can be extended to places of cerebration (states where couples were married) by executive order, agency rule-making or Congressional legistation.
The members gave their consent in writing to HMC official Dr KC Chacko at the 10th annual day cerebration of the Association in Doha.
This book is a cerebration of the intrepid spirit of sisters who established ministries on the frontier, often in harsh climes or isolated regions.
This is some kind of a cerebration of a whole year of preservation of the architectural heritage carried out by SCTA.
To what extent, then, is this ironization--this celebration and cerebration of indeterminacy--consistent with a progressive and dynamic mode of Utopian thought?