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To what extent, then, is this ironization--this celebration and cerebration of indeterminacy--consistent with a progressive and dynamic mode of Utopian thought?
I regret I was unable to join the centennial cerebrations but I thought of you at all on September 16.
Was it in the cerebrations of men (usually men) of leisure--whether bestowed by station in life, as in the case of Robert Boyle, or by circumstance, like Newton's confinement to the orchard of his humble Woolsthorpe parsonage during the Plague outbreak of 1665?
Sammler's Planet as an antidote not only to the Kosinski school of Shoahide pyrotechnics but to the chilly, abstract, and often beguiling cerebrations spun out by an artist as accomplished as Cynthia Ozick.
So with such a set back will Earnshaw curb his over zealous goal cerebrations if he scores tomorrow?
As for James, Hague surveys his abundant prefaces and essays on writing, tracing how the themes of these early, indistinct, unconscious impulses that arrive at the beginning of the creative process span all his plots, becoming increasingly important over time, especially in the almost inconceivable cerebrations of his late fictions, which, according to her reading, struggle between the language of the traditional novel and the undiscovered language necessary to express nonrational consciousness accurately, and fully.
Among his giddily Andy Kaufman-like cerebrations, Morgan has proposed that he be cast as the first black James Bond.
Time and again he salutes the cerebrations as "brilliant," the poems as "beautiful" or "haunting.