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The phenomenon itself is worldwide, and within its sphere are some of the most long-duree cultural traditions, for example the northern hemisphere bear ceremonialism that ascribes humans and bears as relatives (e.
Sean Wilentz), "Models of Rulership in French Royal Ceremonialism," Rites of Power (Philadelphia, 1985), pp.
The women's skirts are braided of fibre and tied with string; the girls' skirts are held together with string; the women's carrying nets are of string; the men's penis gourd is held on with string, the exchange system at the core of the ceremonialism centres on knitted string bands and string nets.
The answer would seem to lie at least partly in the new ceremonialism, associated with the Laudian altar, which at the same time served sharply to differentiate the religious policy of Charles I from that of his father.
However, the connection between Arminian sacramentalism and "Laudian" ceremonialism is problematized almost as soon as it is established.
The antiprelatical tracts--which include Of Reformation (1641), Of Prelatical Episcopacy (1641), Animadversions (1641), and The Reason of Church Government Urged Against Prelaty (1641-42)--attack the residually-Catholic ceremonialism and episcopal hierarchy of the Stuart church under Archbishop Laud.
The imagery of royalty manifests recurrently throughout the 19th-century materials Brown examines, animating three concrete domains of neo-African social life and practice of particular significance for later trends in Afro-Cuban religion: the official hierarchies of royalty within cabildo institutions, the performance practices of their festival behaviour and sacred ceremonialism, and the constellation of iconography and prestige symbolism characterizing Afro-creole community organization in colonial society.
9) Suffering from devastating political persecutions and social chaos in the late Tang, scholastic Buddhism steadily declined, giving way to Chan practitioners to assert their idiosyncratic pedagogy which extolled, at least in rhetoric, spiritual spontaneity and transcendence from stifling ceremonialism.
Erasmus had the vision of an inward religion and he wanted to offer a corrective for what he had come to see as the common error of all those who were turning religion into empty ceremonialism.
These rites suspend polarities and infuse society with a tendency towards egalitarianism and tolerance, associated as they are with a low degree of ceremonialism and 'ritual' specialization.
Feasting and the Emergence of Platform Mound Ceremonialism in Eastern North America," in Dietler and Hayden 2001a, pp.