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This complexity is in evidence from chapter 1, which locates the source of the Laudian movement in the Arminian theology and ceremonialist piety of Lancelot Andrewes and his followers.
So it's different from the Blackfoot situation where bundles are transferred from one community to another, not just from one family to another, and where it's acceptable for a ceremonialist from one community to voice thoughts for what's appropriate for a bundle that originated in a different Blackfoot community.
What at some distance might seem trivial disagreements about the form and practice of worship took on broad cultural significance as Puritan and ceremonialist ideologies competed to define the meaning of the religious experience: "at stake .
5,224) the primitive mind is incapable of grasping the abstract thought to any appreciable extent; the savage is a ceremonialist, not a dogmatic theologian.
In fact, I became such a staunch ceremonialist that for a long time I went to one virtually every week and I became educated in our ceremonial way.
Remarkably, this Roman Catholic strategy was then borrowed at the end of the sixteenth century by those members of the Church of England who pioneered a ceremonialist and sacramentalist theology within the bounds of this Reformed Church.