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Parry's impressive survey of the architecture, sculpture, wood- and stone-carving, painting, glass-painting, embroidery, and silver-smithing associated with Laudian reform suggests a large and intricate network of social and economic relationships to the ceremonialist movement.
The process for granting long-term loans was arrived at in consultation with a committee made up of ceremonialists from Alberta's three Blackfoot Nations.
Not until Paradise Lost, Guibbory maintains, does Milton attempt to reintegrate the Puritan and the ceremonialist parts of his person as poet.
The emphasis leads to sensible, if unremarkable, readings of Herbert (a moderate, ambiguous ceremonialism that encourages divergent responses), Herrick and Browne (generally ceremonialist poetry and prose), and Milton (a body of work shaped in complex ways by the Puritan concern with the "idolatry" of religious ceremony).
Herrick's poem affirms the ceremonialist practice of churching.
I felt troubled about not representing a brave ceremonialist face in adversity.
In these ways, Herrick's poem affirms the ceremonialist practice of churching.
Such labels, then, are less precise confessional categories than ideological tendencies, so that while there certainly were divines wh ose theological itineraries suggest a stable middle road embracing both Puritan and ceremonialist inclinations, such "Anglo-Catholics" or Puritan moderates or Calvinist conformists were not immune to the controversies that occupied their more openly polemical contemporaries.
39] In proper ceremonialist fashion the tiny fairy priest "lowly to the Altar bows" (93, 136), the altar being separated from the congregation by "neat Railes" (92, 91) and covered with a "Dam-asked" cloth (91, 63), while the fairies' vestments -- "curious Copes and Surplices / Of cleanest Cobweb" (92, 98-99) -- further indicate their allegiance to ceremonialism.
Though it gathered speed only at the end of James's reign, the reaction brought court preaching back to its ceremonialist, sacralist late-Elizabethan edge.
Blackfoot ceremonialists, Elders and artists have guided the process in planning the project," said Peers.