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In his remarks, Johns-son ceremonially passed the baton to the new JPC owners, Eric and Renee Brown, the husband and wife management team who purchased JPC from Procter & Gamble in 2009.
State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley said the mission would be allowed to fly the Palestinian flag ceremonially, but its employees would not enjoy diplomatic immunity.
Its latest event was the sponsoring of an honoring ceremony whereby it ceremonially transported the top 150 students of Al-Masar school to the Sabeen Park where they were awarded distinction certificates last week.
The series will show crap drivers from 10 cities competing for the awful accolade of Worst Driver in America, with the winner's car ceremonially crushed in the final episode in Los Angeles.
On January 7, 2010, 200 former Maoist child soldiers were ceremonially released from camps in Nepal where they had been held since 2006 when the peace process to end the decade-long conflict there began.
We wait with bated breath for the great man to stride on to the Old Trafford pitch and ceremonially bestow a pair of shocking pink boots on an emerging player.
The exhibition was ceremonially opened this week by Dr Hamad Bin Abdellaziz Al-Kuwari, Qatar's Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage and Simon Winetroube, director of British Council.
I hope that huge footballshaped duvet cover that is ceremonially shaken out in the centre circle makes it out to Hungary tonight.
So, on October 7 last year, Gerard Way and Co played a huge gig in Mexico City, reeling out the BP album in its original order then ceremonially killed off their own creation.
Earlier, Minister of Sports Affairs Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidy ceremonially opened the contest.
Every copy of Magnificent Fiend comes with a free sachet of patchouli oil for you to ceremonially burn while you sit cross legged as it plays.
ceremonially take down Christ's body from the cross and wrap it in a burial sheet during a service that begins at 3 p.