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Promotion and addition in income were observed to parallel each other and travelled in the same direction reflecting that promotion was more of ceremonious value than giving benefit of increase in income.
But now, the government is unaware of its whereabouts leading to speculations over the ceremonious hand over of the wrist watch by the CM.
And the fact he lived to see so many generations of his own descendants was why he was given the grand, ceremonious sendoff.
And it is for the fact he lived to see so many generations of his own descendants that he was given the grand, ceremonious send-off that he received.
From his first appearance on television right up to his ceremonious entry in to the world of films, audiences are witness to the upward trajectory of Hamza Ali Abbasi's career.
You could be offered an important role in a joyful ceremonious occasion.
The sudden and ceremonious defection of over a dozen agents --who rep a core contingent of top comic talent--from powerhouse CAA to UTA.
Apple's first outing in the world of Android apps was not a very ceremonious affair.
Shubham Gupta, Director, Vanesa Cosmetics who lit the ceremonious lamp before proceeding to take part in the show.
El-Sissi, wearing his ceremonious military uniform and trademark dark sunglasses on a sweltering August day, flew to the site aboard a military helicopter and immediately boarded a monarchy-era yacht that sailed to the venue of the ceremony.
In a ceremonious event preceded by song and dance, the Somali flag was raised at the stroke of midnight in regions across Somalia including Baidoa, Beletweyne and Kismayo.
Summary: The Rafic Hariri International Airport played host to a diplomatic extravaganza Monday, as the first installment in a Saudi-funded $3 billion arms deal arrived in Lebanon from France in ceremonious fashion.