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The Union flag was ceremoniously rehoisted there by council leader Grant Davey on Thursday, exactly a week before the vote.
At the event, they ceremoniously buried a time capsule containing memorable utility items from the past century and also raised more than $3,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society.
The absolute creme de la creme of tawses, according to her predecessor when he ceremoniously handed it on to her.
20 -- The fully equipped, state-of-the art Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital was ceremoniously declared open on Sunday, 19th January by Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
David Raymundo Vazquez Ucan was ceremoniously terminated after he got involved in sexual acts with a woman in broad daylight in the back of an official police vehicle, all while his partner sat in the truck and waited for the act to finish, the New York Daily News reported.
ONCE again West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones is ceremoniously wheeled out to dutifully defend the indefendable - this time criticising the police's own watch dog, the IPCC, over "Plebgate".
The tree was ceremoniously planted on the Town Common two weeks ago by the Boylston Garden Club and town officials, including (Above, from left): Town Administrator Martin McNamara, Police Chief Tony Sahagian, Selectmen Chairman James Wood, Highway Department Superintendent Steve Mero, Mary Groleau, Linda O'Connor, Pat Bigelow, Carla Peterson, Jean Draper, Sue Olsen, Deb Richardson, Deb Fuller and Maria Taylor.
His newborn infant would later be ceremoniously be passed through the hole.
We are witnesses of an era in which the past is preached ceremoniously as well as an uncertain future with amnesia of great historical periods.
A sister ship, Regal Princess, was ceremoniously floated out of dry dock this week and the building blocks for a third vessel of the same hull design, to be launched by P&O Cruises in 2015, were being readied on the quayside.
After the show I ceremoniously removed the false beard and was promptly asked to leave by the irate manager.