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The nation's largest operator of refrigerated warehouses and related transport services recently raised the roof ceremoniously at its latest project development site in Furth, where approximately 18 million euros is being invested to replace an existing facility in Nurnberg.
Caption: Equity Residential ceremoniously topped out construction recently of its 14-story residential tower on 500 West 23rd Street.
The United States, which ceremoniously keeps slapping more and more sanctions against Iran all the time, has quietly allowed several American companies to skirt these trade embargoes and do business with Iran over the past decade.
scratch, to howl & cry ceremoniously, to plead with the one word he
At the appointed time in the gardener's calendar he would ceremoniously place a floorboard on the soil and patiently plant 100 onion sets before standing back to admire his efforts.
The brewing masters have ceremoniously pledged to keep the recipe secret and only to use it this year.
Mum Denise was shown the site of the new playground and joined Coun Sheppard in ceremoniously cutting the first sod to signal the start of the building work.
Summary: Comedian Jimmy Fallon has ceremoniously rolled out the Emmy red carpet ahead of Sunday's glitzy awards bash.
Forced into becoming the family breadwinner at an early age after the death of his father, this episode reveals Ned was ceremoniously given an elaborate green sash by the parents of Richard Shelton, the boy Ned rescued from drowning in the local creek.
Deiniol will be ceremoniously put inside a wattle fence which an artist is going to build near the cathedral.
NEW DELHI, June 25 -- Former Indian external affairs and finance minister Jaswant Singh on Thursday ceremoniously returned to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that had sacked him 10 months ago without even issuing a show-cause notice for writing a book in praise of Pakistan's founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
The following morning, moments after the joy of passing around the hefty marble trophy was shared by the Venza Group's eLearning designers and developers, the team ceremoniously shifted their attention to 2010.