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This shrine, called the dargah, is especially ornate in Ajmer and features a magnificent marble dome which sits ceremoniously on a platform of silver.
Ceremoniously, medicinally and culturally, these hot drinks have remained a strong component of what makes up the quilt work of Asian customs.
Then we ceremoniously carried the first item of clothing to hang on the meticulously placed clothes rod in our work of art.
are going to be held ceremoniously in the Pazhou Complex of Chinese Import & Export Fair (Guangzhou Pazhou) on June 22, 2011.
Caption: Equity Residential ceremoniously topped out construction recently of its 14-story residential tower on 500 West 23rd Street.
The United States, which ceremoniously keeps slapping more and more sanctions against Iran all the time, has quietly allowed several American companies to skirt these trade embargoes and do business with Iran over the past decade.
Ailing at the age of 92, Caroline Severance ceremoniously registered to vote on the porch of El Nido, her West Adams home south of downtown Los Angeles.
Kotze said ceremoniously "I now hand over the first public copy of the 7th Edition of the LexisNexis Practical Guide to Tax in Namibia.
Abdulrahman Al-Harbi congratulated the grooms as they were ceremoniously given their certificates.
scratch, to howl & cry ceremoniously, to plead with the one word he
At the appointed time in the gardener's calendar he would ceremoniously place a floorboard on the soil and patiently plant 100 onion sets before standing back to admire his efforts.
The brewing masters have ceremoniously pledged to keep the recipe secret and only to use it this year.