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These relationships ensure that customers are provided with the most complete and advanced product solution possible for both certifiable and non-certifiable developments.
The DO-178B version of LynxOS is the most robust, certifiable kernel in the industry and, with the addition of the only COTS standalone certifiable TCP/IP stack, this solution meets the stringent mil/aero requirements for safety critical computing.
What is reportedly the first automated test instrument capable of providing certifiable, repeatable measurements of dust levels in pellet samples was commercialized this year by the Waeschle div.
Nash is a certifiable genius and a certifiable paranoid schizophrenic who we watch go through shock treatments and delusions galore.
Now, consumer demand for certifiable and non-harmful products has shot up, so competition is fierce.
He set out to write certifiable classics for this trip into hard bluegrass, enlisting the genre's top band to render them immortal.
It was "edited" by the dancer's wife, Romola, who was widely suspected of having cut and doctored the text to throw the most favorable light possible on the certifiable madness of the man who had been the world's most famous dancer.
Hightower's father was the real thing, though, a certifiable Texan, as revealed in the chapter "Daddy's Philosophy" (a Texan refers to his "daddy" all his life; the next generation of progressive Hightowers may well begin their anecdotes, "As my two daddies used to say.
Both the equipment and laboratory are needed by PRC for environmental research and development, and for providing certifiable results to governmental agencies.
Yet by focusing on only a dozen men who remained in the service and are certifiable success stories-nine reached the rank of full colonel, one is a brigadier general, two are lieutenant colonels-Prashker skews his sample in a crucial and unfortunate fashion.
These two new products further our mission of providing best-in-class COTS RTOS solutions for the safety-critical, DO-178B certifiable, avionics software market," said Bob Morris, president and CEO of DDC-I.
Contract award: appointment of an auditor to certify the accounts of hospitals adherents gcs uniha - whose accounts are certifiable from fy 2014

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