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Flight critical functions are performed using a combination of off-the-shelf avionics, Abaco's FORCE2, and hardware developed by GA-ASI that are controlled by GA-ASI's certifiable DAL B software.
The benefit is that all pilots and sensor operators can be centrally located and can work from a certifiable Ground Control Station (GCS).
The VPX3-150 SBC is certifiable to DO-254 Design Assurance Level C to run flight critical software (up to DO-178C DAL C) and provides extensive safety monitoring features, as required by ARP 4754A, including loopback testing of interfaces, windowed watchdog timers, clock frequency, power supply, and temperature monitoring.
In addition, each of the six prototypes is LEED certifiable, providing the necessary flexibility for base or silver certification.
So rushing to acquire seating in the front row would err on the side of foolhardy, not to mention downright certifiable, methinks!
The current exploration and appraisal drilling programme is evaluating the gas bearing potential and deliverability of the Walloon Coal Measures to build on the certifiable gross recoverable CSG reserves.
Recall that for lack of required lightning protection, Diamond's DA20 is also not certifiable for IFR.
Even my wife, a certifiable Obamaniac, has fretted about what's going to happen to her Medicare.
Though some would say that a song like Vybz Kartel's "Brooklyn Anthem" proves that the borough's significance is far from overlooked, for a place that descends so directly from Jamaican dancehall culture, it's hard to understand how Brooklyn has yet to produce a certifiable dancehall star.
By establishing a certifiable worldwide standard by which manufacturing operations can be measured, RILA and the BRC hope to help retailers comply with the new regulations.
The result is a certifiable encyclopedia of tennis in a day by day format.
1 for hospitals and July 1 for extended care facilities, applicants for building or renovation projects in Massachusetts must submit a provisional green and healthy strategy credit point assessment on their initial application and then turn in a completed, certifiable assessment as part of their plan review.

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