certificate of exemption

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Patrick Shevlin, 21 St John Street, Stirling, was charged with altering a certificate of exemption granted to Thomas Shevlin, miner, Greenfield, Burnbank.
However, a winery that sources grapes from another state can avoid these federal wine-origin labeling regulations entirely (as well as other laws that govern use of vintage date and grape variety) by agreeing to sell the resulting wine only in the winery's home state and applying for what is known as a Certificate of Exemption from Label Approval, often referred to as a "COLA exemption.
In order to travel back to Iraq, Filipino workers covered by the exemption are required to submit to the POEA a certificate of exemption from the embassy.
Since it supposedly does not have a certificate of exemption from the DOF, Faeldon said New San Jose Builders was required to post such bonds in covering the duties and taxes for the shipments.
However, if it is banned but the court doesn't think it is dangerous, the owner can get a certificate of exemption.
Collectors obtain this information from the purchaser on a FIN 425 Certificate of Exemption.
Whether to grant certificate of exemption under section 80-G or not depends on the objects of the trust.
Ona issued a certificate of exemption for PCV 10 instead for the cost-effective PCV 13.
Usually, buyers withhold the last instalment of payment until the NRI produces a certificate of exemption.

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