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She said a sack of certified seed given to a farmer is good for a hectare of rice land.
Where an individual is required to produce an original document for any reason after submitting certified copy, the minister advised the public to abide.
While other builders are energy efficient, O'Dwyer Homes' goes the extra mile to be Energy Star Certified with independent inspections and testing from certified professionals, giving you peace of mind that things were done right.
All the cars have been certified under Certified Car Program.
Hanley, MT, Riverside, CA, certified in 1953, DOD unknown
He said in order to overcome the deficiency, the government had engaged the private sector to procure maximum certified cotton seeds so that maximum cotton production could be ensured.
EPA and Washington State Department of Commerce require all contractors who may disturb lead paint on pre-1978 homes take a class to become a Certified Renovator and then register their firm.
Because of the prohibitive costs and hefty paperwork requirements, they didn't want to acquire Certified Organic status from the U.S.
Sony Xperia M2, Xperia M2 Aqua And Xperia M2 Dual New Firmware Builds Certified By PTCRB
Census data and includes commercial green building projects that were certified throughout 2013.
(NYSE: RHT) said that Jorge Juarez Acevedo, an IT manager with Banco Azteca, has been named the 2014 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year.
"We felt a strong need to fulfill the vacuum that exists in the GCC region's ICT industry of Kaspersky Lab certified professionals.

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