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Certified Copy

A photocopy of a document, judgment, or record that is signed and attested to as an accurate and a complete reproduction of the original document by a public official in whose custody the original has been placed for safekeeping.

A certified copy is admissible as evidence in a lawsuit when the original document cannot be produced because it has been lost or destroyed. This rule, which considers a certified copy to be secondary evidence unless circumstances of loss or destruction warrant its treatment as primary evidence, is known as the best evidence rule. State and Federal Rules of Evidence govern the use of a certified copy in their respective judicial proceedings.

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certified copy

a copy of a document signed and certified that it is a true copy of the original by the official who has custody of the original.
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I have before possessed you with the contents of your father's will, I think it right at this time to leave a certified copy of it in your hands.
Respecting the other certified copy, your wish shall be complied with.
The court stayed the suspension order for 10 days and converted the petition into a presentation while directing the secretary concerned to decide the matter in 10 days from receipt of certified copy of the court order.
Where an individual is required to produce an original document for any reason after submitting certified copy, the minister advised the public to abide.
The certified copy of the appointment letter was received and signed by the Office of the President Malacantildeang Records Office on Wednesday.
According to the letter of civic body, certified copy of mutation/register Haqdaran-i-Zameen (Fard) issued by the tehsildar and attested copy of the computerized national identity card of the owner [Imran Khan] was required.
According to the letter, Khan along with his application and documents did not provide the certified copy of mutation/register Haqdaran-i-Zameen (Fard) issued by the tehsildar.
"Carry a certified copy of your passport if applying for a work permit while in Kenya," the UK said in the advisory on Friday.
They were also expected to file all the affidavits, evidence and documents entered in evidence before the magistrate and a signed and certified copy of the judgment appealed from and a certified copy of the decree.Of all the above documents, the only one that the appellants filed is the memorandum of appeal, said judge Ngaah.
Islamabad -- The Islamabad High Court will on Tuesday take up an application seeking a certified copy of a report of Defense Ministry submitted before the court about the Faizabad sit-in case.
BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday alleged that the government is creating a 'smokescreen' over providing the certified copy of the lower court verdict against their chairperson Khaleda Zia in Zia Orphanage Trust graft case, reports UNB.

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