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They proved it could be done and Julie said it best: "We are so proud to now have 6 additional certified nurses within the group.
Moore, whose baby is due in June, turned to Kia Winlock, a certified nurse midwife at UCLA Medical Center.
Bennett asked for Sullivan's assistance to start a certified nurse assistant program that could be approved by the state of Connecticut.
My Healthy Access clinics are staffed with certified Nurse Practitioners, operating with physician oversight.
Written with Mary Dowd Struck, a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife, Brown reviews what mothers can expect emotionally and physically in the days, weeks and months following delivery.
It would take current certified nurse assistant (CNA) registries maintained by states several steps further toward a more controlled -- some would say intrusive -- hiring process.
The certified nurse assistants and laundry and housekeeping workers make an average of $7.
Cindy Hunter, Certified Nurse Midwife, will be available for interviews as will Prenatal Clinic and LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon representatives.
But then we have a very high turnover for certified nurse assistants,'' said Hite, with the state nursing home association.
The next, he's weighing whether certified nurse assistants can use that title on their name tags (Assembly Bill 1433 by Assemblyman Brett Granlund, R-Yucaipa.
All CheckUps feature state-of-the-art technology, private exam rooms, and diagnostic equipment staffed by certified nurse practitioners who work collaboratively with local physicians to address medical conditions from pediatrics to geriatrics.
RediClinics are staffed by certified nurse practitioners who work with local physicians to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for common medical conditions, such as strep throat and upper respiratory infections.

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