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Another manifestation of incredible certitude is that governments produce precise official forecasts of unknown accuracy.
Among specific topics are Hindu teaching on conflict and peacemaking, conflict resolution and religious dimensions of armed conflicts, Muhammad Khatami's utopian quest for a better world, Christianity and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Jimmy Carter as a man of political destiny and theological certitude.
With mind-boggling certitude she concluded that "in reality, the elitism represented by the Olympics seems to come too much at the expense of grassroots sport, grassroots culture and basic social fairness" (The Journal, August 3).
In The Rhetoric of Certitude, Gary Tandy has produced a detailed study of the nonfiction prose rhetoric of C.
Noncognitivists think that normative judgments (primarily) express conative or "desire-like" attitudes rather than beliefs, so the challenge is to account for the fact that normative certitude varies in degrees.
The researchers hopefully conclude, "If political differences are traceable in part to the fact that people vary in the way they physically experience the world, certitude that any particular worldview is objectively correct may abate, lessening the hubris that fuels political conflict.
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In this article, he suggests that absolute certitude about the potential abortifacient effects of EC is not needed, because enough moral certitude exists to make a sound moral decision.
Powell evaluates this doctrine as he would the conservative Protestant doctrine of biblical inerrancy: from the standpoint of William Abraham's canonical theism, which distinguishes the canonical confession of ecclesial truth from the epistemological methods by which certitude is given.
The certitude stems from the illusion that a definition of blasphemy can be agreed upon.